Can I Change?

What can we do if we want to change ourselves?  As discussed in the last post, it is possible to change.  It is not overly likely or even easy, but possible.  Most of the research on change has found that certain preconditions, skills, and support structures have to exist for someone to change a behavior.  The good news is that the longer the change is practiced, the greater the probability it will become the norm.

Some of the most recognized precursors include:

  • awareness of the need to change
  • desire to change

Once a person recognizes the importance of change, specific skills are necessary to realize the change.  Some of the most critical skills include:

  • know what needs to change
  • possess self-awareness
  • open to using the feedback of others
  • understand the process for change

Since change is not easy, it is important that the appropriate support structures be put in place.  As a person begins the change process, it is important to follow the course.  Two factors support the continuation of the process:

  • emotional support from peers
  • recognition for reaching milestones

How can we support people that want to change in the workplace? We need to provide a structure where employees can realize the need of change without fear of losing credibility, teach practical change skills, and support those engaged in change.

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