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Defining Value

Most of us have dealt with the compensation and classification system in our organization in one capacity or another.  As managers, we use the system when we hire, promote, and evaluate while as human resource professionals the system provides the … Continue reading

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This Week

Dear Readers, I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. I am on vacation this week and look forward to posting next week.

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“I Just Don’t Have Time”

Most of us live in a rushed world where we seek to find balance.  In a world of meeting aggressive deadlines, fighting workplace fires, dealing with constantly changing challenges, and being ready for the next big thing, some things fall … Continue reading

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Importance of Job Worth

Most of us equate at least a portion of our personal value or identify to our job.  Two of the main reasons for the lack of autonomy between the spheres relates to the percentage of our lives we spending working … Continue reading

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Multi Reviewer Accuracy

Recently, Fortune magazine estimated that 90 percent of Fortune 500 firms utilize some form of multi-rater feedback.  If your organization utilizes a 360 degree review process, how do you maximize its effectiveness?  Like any performance management system, the true value … Continue reading

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360 Degree Feedback: Do We Want to Know

Performance appraisals generate mixed emotions in most employees.  For some, the appraisal offers a chance to be recognized and rewarded for a job well done.  However, the most common view equates the process as an unfair, misery that provides few … Continue reading

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