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Our Future

End of the year traditions appear in almost every culture.  In those cultures that the end of the year corresponds with the winter season, a new year not only represented the halfway point of winter, but a time of rebirth … Continue reading

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What Are They Saying?

Working with organizations typically requires going to their primary location or locations to interact with their employees.  Reality takes on a completely new shape when you observe the inter-workings of an organization instead of just looking at a two dimensional … Continue reading

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Something in Between

Most of us played a game when we were young that involved selecting a favorite thing between two options.  In elementary school, the game involves receiving two things that are equally pleasing, such as ice cream and cake.  By middle … Continue reading

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Dispelling Tunnel Vision

Tunnel vision is a medical condition where a person can only see part of what normal vision allows, thus diminishing peripheral vision. Without being able to see one’s surroundings, a person easily runs into things when moving from one place … Continue reading

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Having Confidence

Confidence is a tricky thing.  When a person has too little confidence, we despise their inability deal with fear and uncertainty and make decisions.  Conversely, if a person has too much confidence, we consider the person arrogant, obnoxious, or even … Continue reading

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