HumanCapitalAdviser.com explores ideas on how successful organizations engage its talent in order to convert skills, competencies, and knowledge into real economic value to produce extraordinary results.  This blog was developed to stimulate a practical as well as accessible discussion on innovations, methods, and opportunities in human capital management.  Major topics include leadership, organizations, development, compensation, workforce planning, and human resource operations.


The Human Capital Adviser is written by Jeffrey Ling,  PhD.  Over the last 20 years,  Jeff has assisted more than 600 organizations with improving their organization,  utilization,  enhancement,  and retention of human capital.  As part of these efforts, he has conducted more than 1,800 employee focus groups and created over 400 surveys that reached more than  250,000 employees in the public and private sector.  He has taught at the College of Wooster,  Florida State University,  and Iowa State University as well as led human capital practices for several national consulting firms.