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Dispelling Tunnel Vision

Tunnel vision is a medical condition where a person can only see part of what normal vision allows, thus diminishing peripheral vision. Without being able to see one’s surroundings, a person easily runs into things when moving from one place … Continue reading

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Are We Game Ready?

Most cell phone stores I have visited over the years combine the worst elements of retail planning, customer service, and general operations.  The merger of poorly trained staff, mismanaged customer flow, and redundant and time-consuming processes create a loud and … Continue reading

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Leading without Empowerment

After the last few posts, a reader asked about how young leaders can deal with managers that don’t give them the authority necessary to do their job.  We have all seen the supervisor that micromanages a new manager.  The justification … Continue reading

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Nature of Slopes: Building Motivation

All of us have wished that we could encourage motivation by simply waving a magic wand and transforming our workforce.  How many times have you heard an employee say that a specific task is not his or her job, I … Continue reading

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