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Olympics and Leadership

Most of us find ourselves drawn to watching the Olympics even if we never competed in sports or consider ourselves athletic.  The Olympics capture the best in human athleticism as well as the human spirit.  Around our office, excitement has … Continue reading

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Leading without Empowerment

After the last few posts, a reader asked about how young leaders can deal with managers that don’t give them the authority necessary to do their job.  We have all seen the supervisor that micromanages a new manager.  The justification … Continue reading

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Countering External Barriers

In our previous post, we discussed some of the major challenges to young leaders that were external in nature.  The primary barriers pertain to three core areas: knowledge, support, and interaction.  A young leader needs to have knowledge of one’s … Continue reading

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Young Leaders and Internal Challenges

Just as there are external challenges to new leaders, each of us possess positive and negative characteristics that directly impact our ability to be successful.  Even if we are fortunate enough to have the luxury of operating in a supportive … Continue reading

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Making New Leaders

For those of us that dreamt of being a leader and made it a reality at some point, you probably found that what you thought it would be like was different from reality.  Before reaching the goal of being the … Continue reading

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