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Motivation and Money

Most of us know the feeling of having to strengthening our resolve to do something that we dread. As a student, it may be completing homework that holds no interest to us, attending a class that lulls us to sleep … Continue reading

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Job Seeking

Approximately a year ago, I compared the growing desire among employees to leave for better opportunities to a tiger waiting to escape a cage.  Now, as the labor market shows some signs of improvement, especially in high demand segments intent … Continue reading

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Why Should We Recognize Greatness?

Employee recognition is a key part of developing and maintaining a highly productive workforce.   Although at times it might be thought of as being a nice gesture that an employer uses periodically to make employees feel good, in reality, it … Continue reading

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Celebrating Success

When we are busy we not only forget to stop and assess where we have been, but we also tend to forget to celebrate our successes as well.  When we have to decide between stopping progress and recognizing where we … Continue reading

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